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  • Diabetes Windsor
    Diabetes Windsor - Diabetes mellitus is often referred to simply as diabetes. It is a group of metabolic disease wherein an individual ... More
  • Naturopath in Windsor
    Naturopath in Windsor - The organ of the body known as the kidney has several functions and plays an essential part in the urinary ... More
  • Windsor Medical Clinics
    Windsor Medical Clinics - The medical term "Respiratory Disease" includes a large variety of pathological conditions affecting the ... More
  • Autism Windsor
    Autism Windsor - Autism is a neural development disorder that is characterized by social interaction, impaired communications and by ... More
  • CFS Windsor
    CFS Windsor - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or also called CFS is used so as to identify a medical disorder normally defined by persistent ... More
  • Dietitian Windsor
    Dietitian Windsor - Malnutrition is a condition which results within the body when some nutrients are lacking, in the wrong proportions ... More
  • Chakra Windsor
    Chakra Windsor - Based to the Hindu custom, the chakras are centers of biophysical or metaphysical energy inside the human body. There ... More
  • Allergy Testing Windsor
    Allergy Testing Windsor - Asthma literally translates to and means "panting" in the Greek language. It refers to a chronic inflammatory ... More
  • Qigong Windsor
    Qigong Windsor - The Chinese discipline of Qigong focuses on movements and breathing has been around since about 500 CE. These ... More
  • Biofeedback Windsor
    Biofeedback Windsor - The topic of biofeedback is extremely broad and has been existing since the 1950's. Training method making use of ... More
  • Depression Windsor
    Depression Windsor - Depression is a physical condition where a low mood can have an effect on the thoughts, behaviour, feelings and ... More
  • Homeopathic Doctor Windsor
    Homeopathic Doctor Windsor - Infant Colic is likewise referred to as three Month Colic, Infantile Colic and Colic. It is condition where ... More
  • Pranic Healing Windsor
    Pranic Healing Windsor - Prana is a Sanskrit term that involves various concepts and ideas which could be difficult to exactly ... More
  • Best Naturopath Windsor
    Best Naturopath Windsor - The occurrence of high cholesterol levels within the blood is called hypercholesterolemia. Even though it is ... More
  • Windsor EMS
    Windsor EMS - EMS or also known as electrical muscle stimulation is the use of a minimum voltage waves applied using conductive pads so ... More
  • Weight Loss Windsor
    Weight Loss Windsor - Heart diseases or cardiovascular diseases refer to the numerous diseases which involve the blood vessels, the ... More
  • Insomnia Windsor
    Insomnia Windsor - Insomnia is defined as an individual's report of trouble sleeping. Individuals who suffer can usually reply 'yes' to ... More
  • Alternative Medicine Windsor
    Alternative Medicine Windsor - The levels of blood glucose means glucose or sugar existing in the blood. The body maintains a regular ... More
  • Mindfulness Meditation Windsor
    Mindfulness Meditation Windsor - Qi, which is otherwise known as chi, literally translates to "breath" or "air" and refers to the energy ... More
  • Reiki Healing Windsor
    Reiki Healing Windsor - Clearing the chakras is the method of releasing blocked energy from the energy centers of the body. Lots of ... More
  • Naturopathic Clinic Windsor
    Naturopathic Clinic Windsor - Treatment at the Foundation Level: Nutrition and Lifestyle It is alleged that seventy percent of health ... More
  • Windsor Health Clinics
    Windsor Health Clinics - Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease often called degenerative arthritis. This group of sicknesses ... More
  • Meditation Classes Windsor
    Meditation Classes Windsor - The seven points on the human body that are treated to be the areas of energy vortexes that manage ... More
  • Windsor Health Clinic
    Windsor Health Clinic - Fasting has been utilized for health reasons for numerous thousands of years, according to historical records. ... More
  • Homeopathic Doctors in Windsor
    Homeopathic Doctors in Windsor - For ages, people and animals have used fasting, or intentionally ceasing to swallow food, bring back ... More
  • Epilepsy Windsor
    Epilepsy Windsor - Epilepsy is an ancient Greek word which literally means "seizure." This common neurological disorder is typified by ... More
  • Windsor Yoga
    Windsor Yoga - In accordance with ancient Hindu philosophy, Kundalini energy is a coil of energy situated at the bottom of the backbone. ... More
  • Chemical Peel Windsor
    Chemical Peel Windsor - Chemical peels are a body treatment procedure utilizing chemical solutions on the skin. They are used so as to ... More
  • ADHD Windsor
    ADHD Windsor - Attention deficit disorder or likewise called ADD can affect both children and adults. With children, it can present with ... More
  • Food Allergy Testing Windsor
    Food Allergy Testing Windsor - Canker sores are officially referred to as apthous ulcers. They are an irritated kind of mouth ulcer ... More
  • Chi Windsor
    Chi Windsor - In Asian traditions, chi permeates the whole world as the life force in all living things and is also found in ... More
  • Liver Specialist Windsor
    Liver Specialist Windsor - The liver is a vital organ that does many functions within the body including: detoxification, protein ... More
  • Anxiety Treatment Windsor
    Anxiety Treatment Windsor - BioGenesis is an ancient tool, that is many years old and has not been utilized since the time of Atlantis. ... More
  • Medical Clinic Windsor
    Medical Clinic Windsor - BIA or Bioimpedance Analysis is a really straightforward non invasive method used to be able to help calculate ... More
  • Microdermabrasion Windsor
    Microdermabrasion Windsor - Dermatitis Herpetiformis is usually abbreviated as DH or otherwise referred to as Duhring`s Disease. It is a ... More
  • Dermatology Windsor
    Dermatology Windsor - A skin rash is defined as a change of the skin that affects its appearance, texture or color. Rashes can be ... More
  • Windsor Reiki
    Windsor Reiki - The descriptive phrase "energy field," is used to explain a common or ever-present energy that surrounds all living ... More
  • Heart and Stroke Windsor
    Heart and Stroke Windsor - The medical condition referred to as a stroke is the quickly developing loss of brain function which happens ... More
  • Chakra Balancing Windsor
    Chakra Balancing Windsor - From the ancient Hindu system of therapy comes Chakra balancing. For hundreds of years, Yogis have used the ... More
  • Infrared Sauna Windsor
    Infrared Sauna Windsor - The far infrared sauna or likewise called FIR enables utmost detoxification benefits to happen since this kind ... More
  • Medical Detox Windsor
    Medical Detox Windsor - 1: What is Detoxification? Detoxification is outlined as the method by which the human system passes out ... More
  • Dermatologist Windsor
    Dermatologist Windsor - Dermatitis or inflammation of the outer layer of the skin known as the epidermis is referred to as eczema. The ... More
  • Homeopathic Doctors Windsor
    Homeopathic Doctors Windsor - The gallbladder is a small organ which mainly aids in digestion of fat. It concentrates bile produced by ... More
  • Naturopathic Clinics Windsor
    Naturopathic Clinics Windsor - Improper positioning of the vertebra at the back could intrude with the body`s ability to cure and ... More
  • Functional Medicine Windsor
    Functional Medicine Windsor - Functional medicine deals with underlying causes and primary prevention as opposed to signs of chronic and ... More

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Windsor's nickname is the "City of Roses" or the "Rose City", and there are sites to go to for a spectacular view of its surrounding nature. It is commonly known for its beautiful gardens and large parks which surround its waterfront. Jackson Park in the central part of the city also features the Queen Elizabeth II Sunken Garden. Its other tourist attractions include Caesars Windsor, the Art Gallery of Windsor, a lively and vibrant downtown, Little Italy and the Odette Sculpture Park. During wintertime, people could likewise go the Detroit River for glimpses of waterfowl concentrate flying everywhere. St. Rose Beach Park, Peche Island, and Sand Pointe Beach are good sites for people to observe flocks of Redheads, Canvasbacks, and other ducks...