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Reflexology Windsor - Reflexology is a kind of therapy that consists of massaging specific pressure points on the ears, feet or hands in order to treat and heal a person's whole body. This gentle kind of therapy is used in order to help the body maintain its equilibrium and restore the body's natural balance. Lots of Reflexology practitioners' will concentrate on the feet.

The use of reflexology dates back to ancient Egypt, China and Greece. A doctor named William Fitzgerald first introduced it to Western civilizations during the 20th century. In the 20th century, Dr. William Fitzgerald was the very first to introduce this particular practice in Western Civilizations. Dr. Fitzgerald called this type of treatment as zone therapy.

Reflexology is used effectively as a therapeutic treatment for various health issues comprising: arthritis, sports injuries, migraines and back pains. Some individuals have used reflexology to treat various problems such as sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders and infertility. There are lots of individuals who depend on reflexology to be able to treat a whole range of stress-related problems. It is often utilized in conjunction with different alternative therapies but is not considered a particular cure used for medical conditions or diseases.

Among reflexology's most popular applications is utilized for stress relief. In the society today, people are swamped with increasing levels of emotional, physical and mental stress. Reflexology therapy could be utilized in order to effectively help relax the body and the mind by minimizing the effects of stress and helping to restore an overall general feeling of well-being.

Individuals of every age can benefit very much from reflexology treatments. Some individuals may partake in the therapy regularly whereas others can just take a treatment at times. Those who seek regular treatments think that reflexology helps them to maintain their well-being and health.

Reflexology has moved into the conventional model of health care recently since numerous traditional heath care providers have accepted reflexology as a really helpful treatment. A lot of health professionals suggest it to their clients as a supplement to their conventional medical care.

Reflexology therapies are practices by practitioners who have been trained and educated in zone therapy. Therapists are trained to notice subtle alterations and changes in the zones of the feet. They take note of the ever changing lines, and calluses as well as texture and color of the skin among other things. By applying pressure to a particular zone, a Reflexologist might be able to affect the organ or body system which is said to correspond with that specific zone.

A typical reflexology treatment session lasts approximately an hour. Throughout this time, a Reflexologist makes use of their hands and particularly their thumbs to be able to apply pressure to the feet. The spot and the amount of the pressure and the effect of the treatment is said to depend on the individual needs of the patient. It is often suggested to drink a lot of water after a session to be able to help the body get rid of many of the toxins which were released all through the session.

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