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Insomnia Windsor - Insomnia is defined as an individual's report of trouble sleeping. Individuals who suffer can usually reply 'yes' to the next questions, "Do you have problems falling or staying asleep?" and "Do you experience trouble sleeping?" The word is often used in sleep literature in order to describe a sickness demonstrated by polysomnographic proof of interrupted sleep.

Insomnia has usually been seen as a symptom or sign which accompany numerous medical, sleep and psychiatric disorders. The condition of insomnia is characterized by a recurring inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep or by poor quality of sleep. Usually, due to not enough rest, insomnia is normally followed by functional impairment whilst awake. One definition of insomnia is "difficulties initiating or maintaining sleep." Non-restorative sleep is another factor and is related with marked distress and poor sleeping for a month and impairments in daytime functioning.

Insomnia can be grouped into various categories including: primary and secondary or co-morbid insomnia. Primary insomnia is a sleep sickness that is not attributed to a psychiatric, medical or an environmental cause. A comprehensive diagnosis is needed so as to differentiate between: insomnia as secondary to a different condition, primary insomnia co-morbid with one or more conditions and free-standing primary insomnia.

Transient insomnia is defined as lasting less than one week. This can be caused by severe depression, changes in sleep environment, stress, and timing of sleep or by a different disorder. The main consequences of transient insomnia are impaired psychomotor performance and sleepiness, like those of sleep deprivation.

Acute insomnia refers to the inability to sleep consistently for a period lasting less than a month, whilst the term chronic insomnia would normally last more than one month. This type of chronic insomnia may be caused by a different illness or itself is the primary condition. The effects can differ based on its reasons and can comprise mental exhaustion, hallucinations and muscular exhaustion. Some individuals who suffer from this disorder describe stuff as almost taking place in slow motion, as though objects seem to blend together and causing double vision.

Patterns of Insomnia

The term for having problem going back to sleep after waking too early in the morning or waking in the middle of the night is called Nocturnal Awakenings. There is even terminal insomnia, which can be a characteristic of clinical depression and middle-of-the-night insomnia which can be an indication of pain disorders or sickness.

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